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Savings Bank

In today’s generation, a person cannot survive without having a saving. He/she has to lead tough and nervous life. A saving bank account is one of the best methods of saving money before any person for future needs. Saving money is not all a big task for any person. People who earn low income can also possess one. These accounts make a client; keep aside a portion of their assets while earning a monetary return. The Savings Bank scheme at The Puduppadi Service Co-operative Bank too is a similar one. You can start saving with just 100 rupees.  Comparing with other banks, Puduppadi Service Cooperative bank does not woe our customers with a lot of paperwork for the same. You can start an account with everything that would permit stress-free banking.

Fixed Deposits

A Fixed deposit is a financial instrument for depositing a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time for a high interest rate till the given maturity date. Fixed deposits are different from normal savings bank account. They are very safe investments used to mark a bigger class of investment with fluctuating levels of liquidity. Commonly, it cannot be withdrawn before the maturity period, and this makes sure that the money is absolutely safe and would attain its complete range of potential by the time of maturity.

The Puduppadi service Co-operative bank provides both short and long term fixed deposits for our customers. The customer can choose the amount of investment and gain solid and guaranteed returns for their investment.  Also, the customer has the opportunity to choose from a number of duration periods and establish on what is convenient and most appropriate for their needs. 

Cash Certificate

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Current Account

The current account is perfectly made for business people. The Puduppadi Service Co-operative bank offers something truly special for business people. The current accounts of the Puduppadi Service Co-operative Bank  are specially designed for enterprises  and business people like proprietors, association of persons, public and private companies, partnership firms, trusts, and so on, both small scale and large scale. These accounts deliver many special facilities and features for you that can help you to deal with your financial activities in the most effortless and beneficial manner. The special convenience of the current account is that the depositor can deposit and withdraw money at any time they wish without getting any kind of acknowledgement. Furthermore, it is also appropriate for making payments to creditors by using checks. In this kind of account, checks collected from the customers can also be deposited for collection.

Vidhya Jyothi

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Recurring Deposits

Recurring Deposits are termed deposit which is like fixed deposits in their type. They are made for particularized periods of time like a year or more. The interest rates for RD and fixed deposits are the same. The distinction between them is that you don't need to wait for its withdrawal until the maturity period in a case that you wish. Moreover, you can grab the interest rate till the date of withdrawal.

 Recurring deposits are useful and helpful in many angles. The best part is that the depositor can earn good interest rates for the deposited amount. In addition the depositor has the opportunity to withdraw the money whenever they need it with the assured interest calculated up to the date of withdrawal. That enables the client to deposit with a chance to build up their savings over a routine monthly deposit of fixed value over a fixed duration of time.

Savings Bank A/C For NREG Workers

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Nithya Nidhi

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Special Zero Balance SB For Students

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